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The Pencil Today:


Hoo, baby! Nothin’ like being a communications mogul.

The Electron Pencil media colossus today is bringing aboard the inimitable and redoubtable RE Paris, sizzling library chick and opinionator extraordinaire.

She’ll be appearing weekly in these parts, offering art and culture previews and reviews as well as her own brand of socio-political humdingery. RE’s all Tennessee courtliness on the outside but with 22 kilotons of explosive force underneath. Man, if you’ve got an appointment to meet RE for an alley fight, you’d better bring some artillery.

Fixin’ T’have A Chat With That RE Gal

We proudly present RE’s first post for the The Pencil international edition. (And I get to lean back and rake in… er, I get to lean back.)

Anyway, today’s post is a sweet little howdy from the purty lady. Don’t be fooled. She’s got some tooth-rattling screeds coming up in the next few weeks. Trust me — she’s already turned in a couple of down-and-dirties dealing with religion in the good ol’ USA and marijuana.

Worry not, Pencil fans, we’ve got armed reinforcements at the ready; they’ll be encircling The Electron Pencil Tower and Annex in beautiful downtown Bloomington when we publish RE’s post next week.

Electron Pencil Tower & Annex In Downtown Bloomington

For now, relax,  read on and get to know this charming southern belle with the sabre tongue. Please note she’ll have her own page here (click re: Arts & Letters just below our title banner.)

Enjoy — and take cover.


Big Mike asked me to come over to the Electron Pencil to speak my mind every once in a while, so here I am. I met Mr. Glab shortly after he moved to Bloomington and was immediately taken by his mix of curiosity, world-weariness, humor and assortment of interesting hats.

This fascinator isn’t one of them, but it should be.

In turn, Big Mike thinks my speech patterns are strange but interesting. He thinks I talk funny. (This was actually said by a person from Chicago.) He makes public note each time I add vowels to words like “sound” (sahyound) or “there” (thayure.)

I suppose I consider myself a recovering southerner. (My name is R.E. and I’m from the south. “Hi, R.E.”)

I’ve lived in Bloomington for many years now, spent a little time residing in Belgium, but my roots are in the south and those roots still bind me and define more than a few of my obsessions, which I will write about from time to time.

So let me just put them out here now:

I have some other obsessions, too, but they don’t quite rise to “category,” such as:

1. The new golden age of American television in the last decade-plus, (well, maybe that is a category.)

2. Songs with whistling.

3. Friends who share interesting music, writing, books, art and ideas.

4. Book- and ephemera-collecting (and selling — you can see things I’ve listed for sale, find The Book Savoury on Facebook, and, eventually, my website will be active, or so the rumor goes.) I suppose this one is a category too, or maybe it’s a subcategory of “books.”

So, shout back, y’all. Let me know you’re here. (I really do not “speak Southern,” despite Big Mike’s insistence that I do.)

Here’s someone who does, however.

(Begging permission from my friends who have heard this one before: one of my favorite whistling songs from one of my favorite twangy girl singers.)

I’ll be checking in weekly.