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Republicans In Wonderland

The dirtiest political trick ever played upon America was John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in the presidential election of 2008. Against all good advice — and good sense — he tabbed the lightest lightweight in this holy land to be the next leader of the free world should he have been elected and then, say, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Good god in heaven, can you even imagine Sarah Palin as the president? I shudder to think of it. This is a woman who couldn’t even finish out her single term as governor of the third-to-least populated state in the Union, who has demonstrated absolutely zero grasp of international affairs or domestic issues, and who participated with her family in an alcohol-fueled brawl at a party in 2014.

And people keep saying Barack and Michelle Obama don’t act “presidential.”

Since pretty much falling off the radar screen a few years ago, the Palins have been doing their very best to remain somewhat known. Sarah’s daughter Bristol, for instance, has traipsed around the country telling teens not to become pregnant, especially by not engaging in premarital sex. Hard to believe, but she’s been paid handsome sums for these pep talks and, I suppose, a teen girl or two has pushed her boyfriend away during a session of dry-humping. Hooray for Bristol.

Only she now is the mother of two little children and — wouldn’t you know it? — she has yet to be married. The second of these two kids entered this mad, mad, mad, mad world last week, Wednesday. Bristol Palin, advisor to the nation’s youth about the horrors of having sex without being married, posed for beatific photos holding the young ‘un in her hospital bed and gushed, “[O]ur family couldn’t be more complete.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 2.28.43 PM

Mother & Child

Now that seems a statement intended to flip off anybody who might point out the hypocrisy of her anti-pre-marital sex stance. She and her Republican brethren and sisteren hammer away at single moms to the point of monotony yet she is now a single mom twice. A family, the righteous GOP-ers bleat, includes a mommy and a daddy, just as the Nelsons, the Andersons, the Bradys, and the Huxtables did. W/o a daddy-o, Republican moralizing goes, the family collapses and so does our great culture and nation.

Yet, apparently just to wag her middle-finger in every other single mom’s face, Bristol sez her clan is not only”complete,” it couldn’t be more so.

This is what you get when one of Murrica’s two major political parties has been hijacked by people for whom facts are mere annoyances.


Those Dirty So-and-so Cops…, Wait…, What?

A couple thousand thousand kids — yeah, that’s right, thousand — went wild in one of metro Louisville’s biggest malls Saturday night. Shoppers, diners, parents with little tots, all ran, petrified from the scene. Countless fights broke out, gangs of kids refused to leave stores, there were reports of gunshots, and general pandemonium raged at Mall St. Matthews. Dozens of police officers from three different municipalities raced to the scene. It took a few hours to restore order.

No one was shot. No one arrested.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 2.41.10 PM

Cops At The Mall

[Image: Kirsten Clark/Louisville Courier-Journal]

I was shocked and angry. I know where Mall St. Matthews is. I figured the kids were white. I was all set to pen a righteous condemnation of the cops for showing “saintly” restraint in not gunning down several dozen kids and arresting hundreds, holding them in dungeon-like conditions for days or weeks. They would have done that, I was itching to write, if the kids were black.

Guess what. Most, if not all, the kids were black.

Well, I’ll be damned!

Kudos to the Louisville area cops who handled the situation professionally, quickly, and with no loss of life.

I’m not against the cops as a whole. I’m just against murdering, racist cops. I hope yesterday’s event is a watershed moment.

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