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Firehouse Politicking

The WFHB gang got together for its annual meeting this afternoon at the Monroe County History Center. A quintet of candidates stood for election to the Board of Directors and four of them sat before a crowd of volunteers prior to the meeting’s official start to explain to them (the vols) why they (the cands) should be elected.


The four were on their best behavior and told the multitude what good citizens and lovers of community radio they were. Q’s were fielded and the only one that hit home with me was Music Director Jim Manion’s: “Other non-profits specifically charge their Boards with the task of fundraising. Some organizations even give their Board members fund-raising quotas. What would you do to improve fundraising for Firehouse Radio?”

None of the candidates was able to say something on the order of “Hey, no prob. I’ll put the touch on three or four millionaire friends and colleagues of mine.”

Which, BTW, is the primary qualification for membership on many a Board.

Anyway, the new Board members who, presumably, won’t be bringing in any five- or six-figure donation checks this coming year are Markus Lowe, William Morris (Brother William to his listeners), and Kelly Wherley.

They and the rest of the Board this coming year will have to figure out ways to goose the station’s fundraising numbers.

Pay Cagle’s Way

Soon-to-be Bloomington expat Mike Cagle wants your dough. He’s jumping on the crowd-funding bandwagon to facilitate his move west to study law.

Only Cagle will toss a premium your way if you pitch cash at him. See, he’s a crackerjack cartoonist, as anybody who’s anybody in this town would know. So if you empty your coin pouch into his PayPal swag bag (or whatever online money laundering service he’s using), he’ll  present you with an original, signed work of art. Something like this:

Cagle Art

A Cagle Poster For Krampus 2013

Cagle, of course, is not the only crowd-funder in town. Ink-stained wretch Shayne Laughter had the cyber-hand out for spare change to fund her residency this summer at the Can Serrat artists’ colony in Spain. Shayne will depart in two weeks for Iberia where she’ll work on XXXXX surrounded by the gorgeous trees and hills of the Penedes wine-growing region. God, I hate her.

Anyway, help these artists if you’ve got some disposable lettuce. Look at it this way: It’s better than throwing  a C-note or more a month at Comcast just so’s you can watch reruns of Two and a Half Men.

Saty tuned for a link to Cagle’s alms cup. He’s busy setting it up as we speak.

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