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More On GMOs

So, I know an evolutionary biologist who is working tirelessly on her PhD. This morning at The Pencil back office (AKA Soma Coffee) I leaned close to her and cooed the words, “What’s your take on GMOs? And can you say it in one sentence?”

Her response: “People are afraid of the wrong thing.”

[Just to clarify, she doesn’t mean the gen. pub. should be afraid of a nuclear exchange rather than GMOs, for instance, or the bogeyman. She means people’s knee-jerk GMO repulsion is based on a basic misunderstanding of the process.]

From "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"

Scarier Than GMOs?

Which is what I’ve been saying all along!

Bullets Vs. Kid Gloves

Just wondering: Why do cops kill unarmed black kids for everything up to and including jay-walking but when an armed, white gun nut goes on a deranged quest to ambush police and fire fighters (employing live fire and bombs) in order to overturn our purported tyrannical gov’t, the greatest care is taken to insure his safety before he’s apprehended?


Douglas Lee Leguin: Still Alive Despite Firing At Cops And Detonating Bombs

Kid Stuff

Personal to police depts. all over this holy land: Stop playing GI Joe; you’re adults now (links here, here, and here).

Ferguson, MO

Law Enforcement?

Negotiable Justice

Justin Wykoff’s att’y sez his client’s case will go to a jury.

Wykoff, of course, was the well-liked, well-respected Bloomington Department of Public Works project manager who got cracked for allegedly scamming a quarter of a mill USD* in a kickback scheme with a Bedford contractor (*of a total of $800,00 bilked). Folks in and out of local gov’t were shocked when news of Wykoff’s bust emerged. Nevertheless, the feds seem to have a strong case against him.



Usually, guys accused of fraud and embezzlement in federal district courts don’t go to trial because they strike plea agreements with prosecutors. Wykoff’s lawyer, John Boren of Martinsville, acc’d’g to today’s Herald Times, is ready to go all the way to fight the charges. Boren told the H-T he’ll call for a jury trial.

Kinky public employees rarely want to go before a jury because if there’s one thing a panel of peers doesn’t cotton to, it’s stealing their tax dollars. Still, Wykoff and Boren want to take their chances before a dozen registered voters.

My guess is they’re betting Wykoff’s likability will be a big asset in their case. In fact, Borden just may be negotiating a plea agreement even as we speak with Wykoff singing about his co-conspirators in exchange for a slap on the wrist. By threatening to go to a jury, Boren may effectively be saying, Hey, you willing to risk your whole case? Gimme the best you’ve got and I’ll sign my guy up for voice lessons.

Kyle Killing Minors Moundsmen

Kyle Schwarber, late of the Indiana University Hoosiers baseball nine, still is battering minor league pitchers as he enters his third month of professional baseballing.

Schwarber pounded college hurlers on his way to becoming the Chicago Cubs’ top choice in June amateur draft (No. 4 overall). He’s kept up the onslaught even against superior competition in the for-pay game.


Schwarber, The Night He Was Drafted By The Cubs

The kid known as The Hulk has settled in as a left fielder for the Daytona Cubs, a High A minors outfit. Schwarber played catcher for the Hoosiers but isn’t considered an adequate potential major league backstop. By playing the outfield, his path to the bigs just may be shorter. Again, expect to see him swinging the bat in Wrigley Field either in September 2015 or right out of the gate after spring training 2016.

And, again, stay tuned here for all the Kyle Schwarber news you can ask for.

Hot Air

Bush ≠ Hitler

As always, I’m here to help.

The interwebs have been chock-full of news and opinion about former Prez Geo. W. Bush’s art gallery opening yesterday.

Some 30 paintings done by Dubya are part of a new exhibit in his presidential library in — where else? — Dallas, Texas.

Y’know, the same Dallas that essentially defined the big, exciting, we-love-the-rich 1980s in that eponymous soap opera about those lovable, plutocratic Ewings? Yeah, there couldn’t be a better locale for the Bush Prez Libr.

Bush, apparently, has been spending his time throwing paint on canvas, making pix of world leaders like Tony Blair, Vlad Putin, and, natch, Bush’s own daddy-o.

Karzai by Bush

Hamid Karzai By Bush

I suppose it’s all cool. I’m always in favor of people doing creative things in their lives, no matter how young or old they are, nor if they started a tragic war with a Southwest Asian country over  some phonus-bolonus a-bombs and now that country exists in a never-ending state of violent chaos.

Good for Georgie-boy, I say.

Only loads o’folks are picking the low-hanging fruit off the politico-allegorical tree and making the all-too-obvious comparison between our dear former leader and a certain mid-20th Century dictator with a goofy mustache and one ball (or, so said one popular song during WWII.)

Diligent students of history may recall that before Adolf Hitler embarked on world conquest and Final Solutions, he was an aspiring artist who longed to be accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Hitler painted scads of pix, none of which was good enough to get him in the school.

Hitler Painting

We Wish You Luck In Your Future Endeavors, Herr Hitler

It’s been said young Ad was so put out by the snub that he decided instead to take over Germany. Which seems a tad simplistic, as justifications go for the ensuing actions of history’s most reviled man. But I’m not here to referee that historical argument.

It’s this one I’m throwing the yellow flag at: A lot of folks on my side of the fence spent all eight years of the Bush II presidency comparing him to Hitler or flat-out calling him Hitler. And now that the two have painting in common, those same folks are calling Bushey-boy Hitler again.


They Both Had Dogs, The Fiends!

Sheesh. It’s as if it had been revealed that Bush fils is missing a gonad.

So, my more rabid confreres who believe — as I do — that Bush the Younger was this holy land’s worst-ever president need me to reel them back into reality.

George W. Bush was not Adolf Hitler. Nor did he do much of anything even remotely resembling Hitler’s own actions. Bush’s crimes were his and his alone. Bushey-boy did not institute a program of genocide against the citizens of his own country. He did not annex sovereign nations. He did not oversee the government take-over of certain key industries. He did not declare himself one with the State. And, I’m fairly confident in asserting this last point, he had a pair.

Sure, George W. was a no-good son of a bitch. I’d love to see him and his creepy fellow mobsters, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, get hauled before some kind of court of justice for their crimes.

But — I repeat — he wasn’t Hitler. Got that? Good. Now, let’s move on.


Did you notice (as I just did) that I referred to the German Fuehrer by a sort of cutesy diminutive in the section above?


Am I the first human, post-1939, to do that?

And, if so, what in the hell is wrong with me?

Chill, Babies

Scientists — you know, those folks who actually know things — tell us that the Yellowstone “supervolcano” isn’t due to blow anytime soon.

In fact, says a geologist who has studied the formation, the Y-stone blower is still petering out from its last pop some 640,000 years ago. It hasn’t even begun welling up in preparation for another series of blasts, a process that could take a million or two years before we’d all have to start wearing hardhats.

I mention this because the interwebs are buzzing in some precincts about said caldera in the western US. We’re about to be blown to bits — or at least covered with volcanic ash over a large portion of this holy land, goes the hysteria.

Much of the hullabaloo began when a video of bison seemingly “fleeing” the park went viral. The “explanation” given with the vid held that bison, like the rest of nature’s wonderful cartoon character creatures, have a sixth sense about volcanoes and they’re trying to get out of Yellowstone National Park ASAP.

Not explained is why the beasts would be trying to escape the confines of a Department of Interior establishment, the confines of which, presumably, they would not be terribly well-acquainted with. Especially since the jigglings they’re purportedly sensing would be spread over an enormous area that dwarfs the park itself. So where are they running off to?

But, what do scientists know?


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