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You Can’t Handle The Truth

Ju-u-u-u-ust wondering: Why is it that only Aljazeera is carrying the news that Azle, Texas, mayor Alan Brundrett is calling for fracking data because his town’s been hit by some 300 little earthquakes of a suspicious nature?

I’ve checked CNN, Fox News, and the big networks, among many others, and have yet to find any other news outlet that has ever even mentioned the name Alan Brundrett. That is, save for one: Rachel Maddow referenced his hunch about fracking a few months ago.


Alan Brundrett

From the Aljazeera report:

“That’s the biggest issue, that the data is not available,” Brundrett told Al Jazeera. “The one thing we’d like to see is daily reporting — then if there is seismic activity it can be linked to the disposal wells themselves.”

Here’s a graphic from a paper in another area that’s experienced recent seismic activity and is home to fracking operations:

Tom Baker/Dispatch

From The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch

The pro-frackers, to an alarming degree, are all those bête noires whose philosophies and aims make me want to retch. There’s the Halliburton evil empire and the Sarah Palin dumb empire, plus tons of other folk who would view Bill O’Reilly as the modern-day Oracle of Delphi if they only knew what the original Oracle of Delphi was.

The mega-corps. that own most of our mainstream media outlets presumably would be loath to present news that would be deemed “harmful” to their fellow biz monoliths. News, after all, is no longer a public service but a profit center. And, for all we know, Halliburton might possess thermonuclear weapons and the likes of Comcast (NBC) or National Amusements (CBS) are petrified of being blown off the face of the Earth.

In any case, next to no national news source other than Al-J. uttered a peep about Brundrett’s call for fracking info.

It’s a damned shame we have to, in essence, go outside this country to get any real news about it.

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