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Hot Air: Believe It

My pal, the gentleman farmer/engineer, Sam Zurcher, points out L’il Duce‘s spokestrophy Kellyanne Conway appeared on some TV news/talk three-ring circus dealio last night and said Sec’ys of State oughta stay in Wash., close to the prez, so they can advise him. Y’know, like, Why go gallivanting all over the world talking to furriners, right?


She also said the incoming Sec’y of State (Rudy Giuliani? Jesus Holy Christ in a McDonald’s dumpster!) should stay close to the king…, er, I mean, president-elect just like Henry Kissinger and George P. Schultz did.

Sam observes, rightly: “Seriously?”


Sez Zurcher: “Kissinger invented ‘shuttle diplomacy.'” My fave tractor/reaper driver also refers us to a Washington Times chart published at the end of Hillary Clinton’s term as S of S showing how much each of the most recent S of S’s trotted the globe. It was a goddamned hell of a lot, with Kissinger and Schultz occupying positions 3 and 1, respectively, on the mileage rewards list:


Dang, mang.

Niether George Orwell nor any other creative, imaginative fictionnaire could have concocted this kind of weird truth-fucking. L’il Duce and his Court have been spewing stuff and nonsense since the beginning of His campaign. He — and they — have been called on their prevarications, exaggerations, misconceptions, and downright lies every time…, and none of the peeps who voted for him gives a holy shit about it.

In fact, they seem to want more and more bushwa.

The level of delirious fantasy these people live in is just astounding. How do we converse with people who refuse to accept any base level of fact?

We don’t.

We fight them and their orange boy tooth and nail. Period.

Lie To Me