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Sterling Trey-dux

Talk about mixed emotions. My immediate reaction to the NBA’s lifetime exile of Donald Sterling was one of elation.

Yesterday, league commissioner Adam Silver symbolically drew his forefinger across his throat and thus the fate of the racist, reptilian owner of the LA Clippers was sealed. Goodbye, Donnie boy. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.


Silver To Sterling: Beat It

Then again, Sterling — although a loathsome warthog — was done in by being secretly tape recorded in his own home (apparently). If so, we’ve got official sanctions coming down now due to the growing culture of surveillance and for the crime of thought. I don’t like any of that one bit.

And, in the end, isn’t that life? Nothing is pure and we take what we can get even if it stinks to high heaven.

Better Than NPR

Hah! We beat the pants and skirts off the national news gang at NPR.

Yep, only this morning did NPR discover Thomas Piketty. The Pencil, in case you didn’t know, told you about the French economist and latest rage in the bookselling world, Friday.

Hmm. I wonder if NPR reporters and producers are regularly scanning The Pencil for leads. If not, they ought to.

Anyway, I insist WFIU’s Will Murphy and Annie Corrigan begin using the following tagline each morning:

The news every morning on Bloomington’s NPR station, WFIU. Second only to The Electron Pencil.

It’s only fair, no?


Murphy: Golly, I wish I Could Work For The Pencil

Real Death Sentences

We haven’t talked much about capital punishment in recent years. There’ve been far more important issues like Miley Cyrus’s tongue, Barack Obama’s birth certificate, death panels, guns, gays and, natch, god.

But the State of Oklahoma whacked a guy last night. The job was far sloppier than any performed by the dedicated professionals of the Chicago Outfit over the years. Using a new “cocktail” of dope, OK executioners attempted to send one Clayton Lockett to what they considered his just deserts. Rather than play his part according to script, Lockett instead twitched and spasmed and agonized for some three quarters of an hour before, behind a closed curtain, prison officials dispatched him properly.

Lockett, of course, was dark-skinned; as you know, white people rarely commit capital crimes. His icing was so botched that Oklahoma authorities decided to deny themselves the pleasure of another execution, scheduled for this afternoon, to make sure they can do it without forcing innocents to watch a man die while flailing about.

We can’t have that.

Weird, isn’t it? Just 20 years or so ago, capital punishment was one of the biggest controversies in this holy land. Now? Hell, we kill guys so routinely that executions only make news when the job is pooched.

Just a little info about the Guv of the great state o’Oklahama. As you know, it’s the governor who’s the final arbiter in the process of any state-sanctioned offing. Yesterday, it was Mary Fallin, the Republican boss of the state, who gave the thumbs down. Republicans traditionally have been gung ho for cap. pun. while Dems most often call for all criminals to be allowed to freely rape and murder your daughters.

At least that’s the way I read many GOP arguments for the ultimate time-out.



Fallin is a real piece of work, even more remarkable than, say, Sarah Palin. While Palin generally talks as though she’s under the combined influence of PCP and psychosis, at least she quit her job as Alaska governor years ago. Fallin, meanwhile, still steers the ship of OK.

Gov. F. just this month signed into law a bill she championed, banning OK cities from instituting minimum wage standards higher than the federal gov’t’s. See, she doesn’t want her state’s cities to get all liberal like Barack Osama Stalin Obama. And, besides, minimum wage earners, in her fairy tale world, don’t need raises.

Wait, as they say on TV, there’s more.  Late last year, Fallin issued an order cutting off all spousal benefits for National Guard members, lest those who are gay might insist their sexually sick and criminal partners get same.

Neat, huh?

Happy killing, Mary.

Hot Air

Tarnished Sterling

If you haven’t heard the audio of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling berating his trophy girlfriend for associating with dark-skinned people in public yet, don’t. It’s bound to roil your blood and put you in a snappish mood for the rest of the day.

I’ve taken the bullet for you.

Sterling/ Stiviano

Heartless & Mindless

Apparently, Sterling’s less-than-MENSA-material, living, breathing love doll posted some photos on her Instagram account of her palling around with the likes of basketball legend Magic Johnson, who himself is a sports team owner (the LA Dodgers.)

This so offended Sterling’s sensibilities that he’s considering breaking off their mutually sycophantic relationship (he, the gargoylish, withered old prune, with her, the surgically-enhanced, gold-digging anencephalic.) He lectures the girl (trust me, she’s no woman — either emotionally or intellectually) about how such pix will appear to a public that in his antediluvian mindset still looks agasp at folks of diff. races who rub shoulders. He reminds her that she’s only marginally a fully-approved white person, what with her being part Latina. As such she must be picayunishly circumspect in her actions, lest that general public begin to suspect she may in truth be criminally brown.

She reminds him that there is even black blood “running through her veins,” an argument that seems to deflate him. I suppose he’s been in denial that his dame may be so much as an octoroon. Upon being confronted with this truth, Sterling seems crushed. That’s when he begins suggesting that perhaps their affair must, in accordance with all standards of decency, come to an end.

The girlfriend whines ad nauseam that she doubts she can tolerate such a hater. Her sudden realization that Sterling has less-than fully open arms for those of different races rings false. Sterling is known far and wide as a racist of the first order. If she thinks the world will believe she’s come to realize this character flaw in her beloved only now, well, the world ain’t gonna buy it.

More likely she’s been living in denial about her meal ticket’s extreme prejudices and only confronted them when they were turned upon her.

BTW: Sterling has issued a press statement that he’s not a racist which, in this situ. seems prima facie evidence that he is.

I bring this little soap opera episode to your attention for the express purpose of reminding one and all that racist dickheads still exist in our holy land, and some of them — like Sterling — carry a lot of weight. Sterling made his dough as a divorce and personal injury attorney as well as in large real estate transactions. He’s a pillar of LA society. Acc’d’ng to Forbes, he’s worth nearly $2 billion.

Funny how this contretemps pops up in the wake of the Cliven Bundy revelations. It’s as though there’s a certain segment of our society that is desperately trying to hold on to the nice, neat, orderly racial world that has been disappearing since the end of World War II. Well, nice, neat, and orderly for whites.

I don’t want to see Sterling punished by the National Basketball Association for these comments. They were made in private, among intimates. Someone recorded him without his knowledge. The idea a human being can be penalized by authorities for thought crime is as abhorrent as a bitter old man’s racism.

I do want to see the marketplace punish him, though. Anybody who buys a ticket to a Clippers game after this is merely making the reptilian Sterling richer. Punish him, people.