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Hot Air

Hurt Us, Please!

Who’s the worst state governor in America? Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, whose claims to fame are his gleeful union-busting and obeisant coat-holding for the Koch Boys? Billionaire Bruce Rauner, who virtually purchased the guv’s mansion, office, and…, hell, the whole of Illinois? Can either ever be a fraction as bad as half-term slacker/grifter Sarah Palin?

At least her damage was limited to a truncated 31-month sorta term. She did do one thing spectacularly well and beneficial to the people of her state: She quit.

So Walker and Rauner duke it out in contiguous states for the heavyweight title of rotten. Except a third contender might well wrest the belt from the two. He is Sam Brownback of Kansas.


Sam Brownback

Here’s his mortal sin: He claims to have cut Kansas taxes. Actually, he did; only for the wealthy — those who make more than half a million a year. Acc’d’g to an analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Public Policy, under Brownback’s new tax schedule, unfortunates making less than $23,000 a year (read: the working poor) will pay $197 more a year in state taxes. A couple of c-notes is real dough to someone making $442 a week at best. It’s like Bruce Rauner (2013 income: $67,780,000) having to fork over an extra $5,227,000 to the state, disregarding the fact that even if he had to, Rauner still would have tens and tens and tens of millions of bucks to maintain his lifestyle of Croesus.

That poor sap making $442 bucks a week would have to forgo (choose one or more):

  • Paying the electric bill
  • Paying the gas bill
  • Paying the cable/broadband bill
  • Getting new tires for the car
  • Going to the doctor for that troublesome mole
  • Beef
  • A new pair of shoes, a pair of trousers, a shirt, and six pairs of socks

The list can go on.

And the sick-as-hell aspect of this Kansas mess? A majority of people making $23,000 or less in that state actually voted for the dirty bastard who’s fleecing them today.

They got what they deserve.

The What & The Whys

Prof. Rich Lloyd of Vanderbilt University asks a compelling triad of Q.’s about former Spokane NAACP head Rachel Dolezal:

  • What prompted her estranged parents to publicly out her?
  • Why now?
  • And why is no one questioning this?

Count me in: I wanna know, too.

As for the corporate media, they’re loving this story because they can spin it off in a bazillion different directions, all predicated on this holy land’s singular historical malignant tumor: Blacks ain’t Whites and vice versa.

Jim Crow

As usual, the professional wits and wags are way off on this one. The Dolezal affair has nothing in the world to do with the state of race relations in America. It has only to do with her demonstrable craziness that, quite frankly, borders on the criminal.

As Sigmund Freud never said, Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Hot Air

Black Like Her

“I identify as Black.”

So says Rachel Dolezal. The now-former boss of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, Dolezal has been outed by her parents and further embarrassed by the revelation that she sued Howard University et al years ago, claiming she was discriminated against because she was white.

If nothing else, we’ve learned she is an awfully confused woman.

Anyway, she’s not apologizing. She’s not outright admitting Caucasian-ness, either. She’s lingering in the limbo that a lot of public-eye fabulists inhabit. Pete Rose, Bill Clinton, cigarette company execs, everybody in the GW Bush admin. who breathed the words “weapons of mass destruction,” and Donald Trump, whenever he’s asked if he has a human conscience, all have danced around the truth in the face of incontrovertible evidence.

Here’s the sin, re: Dolezal’s charade: no matter how much she digs brown and black people, no matter how many R&B singles she has in her collection, no matter how many different African ways she styles her hair, she really, really, really doesn’t know what it is to be a “nigger.”

Jim Crow

Because that’s what the NAACP is all about: Fighting for people who’ve been nigger-ized. I’ll guess Dolezal was never savaged by dramatic, overt, racism. Not only that, she never had to endure the death by a thousand cuts that subtle, unintentional, casual racism visits upon every dark skinned person in this holy land every single day.

And even if she was, somewhere in the back of her mind — supposing that she is not psychotic or delusional — she always could comfort herself with the knowledge that she is genetically white. That is, of course, if there is such a thing as genetic whiteness. In fact, the whole notion of race is merely a a flimsy social construct anyway.

Still, the hate-laden racists of the world have a well-honed ability to sense who is descended from the nations and tribes of Africa. Like homophobes, racists devote ungodly amounts of time and energy to fingering and stigmatizing the objects of their disgust.

Brown and black people every day are reminded they’re not as good, not as deserving, not as ambitious, not as astute, not as civilized as white people. White people never fail to remind them — and themselves — of these “facts.” When you’re told that every minute of the day, you just might start believing it.

Inherent blackness — whatever that means — becomes equated with inherent inferiority. It’s the tyranny of melanin. Dolezal lives under no such tyranny.


A Cause For Hate: The Molecular Structure Of Melanin

For my money, what Dolezal has done is analogous to sons and daughters of wealth who pretend to live as penniless bohemians. When push comes to shove, they can always go home for a hot meal.

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