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Fairview Parents Get A Fair Shake

Fairview Elem. School Principal Tammy Miller figured she’d shake things up at the East West Side kid factory by reassigning students to new teachers.

Apparently, Miller grouped students by standardized test scores so that like-scholars would all learn together.

Reminds me of my old days as a trouble-making little shit at St. Giles School. Each grade had three classes: advanced, intermediate, and remedial. Natch, I was in the advanced classes (although by the second grade I’d already subscribed to a no-homework policy — my thinking being, I give you six or so hours, the rest of the day is for me.)

Anyway, we all knew the kids in the remedial classes were dopes. Even before we’d learned about evolution, we’d instinctively recognized that remedial kids were somehow less evolved. Their capacities to learn were akin to those of the lower primates.



In fact, we called those kids — what else? — remedials. Which was about as insulting a thing as a Catholic primary school kid would call another in those days.

So, according to a petition that was forwarded to me by a loyal Pencillista who’ll remain nameless, Principal Miller, in an effort to goose test scores, would effectively subject Fairview kids to that kind of delightful stereotyping and verbal abuse.


Hey, you wanna make an omelet, you have to crack a few fragile, undeveloped egos, right?

Fairview parents raised such a stink that Princ. Miller backed down Monday night. She’s rescinding her reassignment order, according to WFIU News.

Huzzah, the people have spoken. Although I’m always suspicious when parents want to get into the educ. act. The loudest ‘rents oft. get the grease, and they generally are those who call for more Jeebus in the classroom or for the elimination of such commie teachings as, well, evolution.

This time, they’re on the side of the angels.