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Hot Air: Talk The Talk

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What a lucky guy I am! I get to sit down on a weekly basis and speak at length with energetic, imaginative, creative, successful in the most profound sense of the word, Bloomington people.

My Big Talk features Thursdays on WFHB’s Daily Local News and the Big Tracks extended interviews on this communications colossus allow me to rub shoulders with folks I can only wish I could emulate.

Yesterday, I interviewed Danielle Urschel, co-founder of the Bloomington Print Collective. The BPC has gathered some of this town’s finest printers — and there are many ways printers can print, something you’ll find out about Thursday — so they might pitch in, share their talents, expertise and equipment, all geared toward fostering their art and commerce.


Danielle Urschel

I’m always deeply impressed by how articulate and entertaining these folks are — and Danielle fits right in with the rest of my Big Talk peeps.

Tune in to WFHB, 91.3FM (as well as 98.1, 100.7, & 106.3 in surrounding areas), Thursday at 5:30pm to hear this latest Big Talk episode. A couple of days later, I’ll post a podcast of the feature and the Big Track here on The Pencil.

Keep in mind upcoming guests include David Brennaman, director of Indiana University’s Eskanazi Art Museum, and Kristin-Leaman Morris, archivist for the Indiana Bicentennial. Like I said, I’m lucky.

Before I dash off to sell books, lemme express undying gratitude to WFHB News Director Joe Crawford, Ass’t News Director Sarah Vaughan, acting GM Jar Turner, and engineer Jeff Morris for welcoming me and my show and making my delightful task so much easier than it might have been.

We’ll talk soon.

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