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“Writers are the lunatic fringe of publishing.” — Judith Rossner



So the Deer Task Force has come to the earth-shattering conclusion that there are too many of the ruminants scampering around this town.

The task force’s solution? Cut down on the deer population.


US Fish & Widllife Services


Problem is, whaddya gonna do ?

Spike their food with contraceptives?

Blow the little buggers away?

Some locals are sitting around their living rooms, aligning the sights on their hunting rifles, salivating over the possibility. Only the Bloomington City Council doesn’t seem likely to okay such a drastic solution. And Mayor Mark Kruzan has said he’ll veto any such statute the Council sends him.

So put your shootin’ irons away, boys.

Now then, what do we do about all these deer traipsing around on Covenanter Drive?

The Task Force says the vast majority of folks in Bloomington support public education as the preferred method to tackle the….


Oh, sorry. I fell asleep.

Guess what kids — we’re stuck back in the same place we were when the Deer Task Force was organized.


How cool is this?

The 5o Shades franchise has sold more than 60 million copies of the housewife porn trilogy, making the folks who run Random House happy.

So happy that the bosses announced last night at the publisher’s annual Christmas party that every single employee will get a $5000 Christmas bonus.

Raining Money

A Shade Of Green

Big cheese Markus Dohle made the orgasmic pronouncement and since he’s the CEO of the whole worldwide shebang which employs a shade more than 5000 wage slaves, that bit of in-house largesse translates to something on the order of $25MM.


Here’s hoping author EL James signed herself a fair deal before her Mommy Smut hit it big.


I’m busy today so that’s all you’re going to get.

Work Crew

I Must Be Obstructed In This Photograph


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