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At Last

Shout it out: Spring!


Bloom-ing News

Pencillistas, y’all oughtta make sure you pick up a copy of Bloom magazine this coming August. We here at South Central Indiana’s premier communications colossus have heard tell that one of B-town’s most fascinating, suave, sensitive, and drop-dead handsome citizens will be profiled in that issue.



BTW, Bloom‘s August offering is typically one of the mag’s most important editions of the year, considering that’s back-to-campus month. So, scads of folks will be able to learn about this particular man-about-town. Sorry, we’re not at liberty to disclose precisely who that man is at this time.

Please try to be patient; my advice is, live your lives as normal for the next five mos. Trust me, the time will zip by before you know it.

Sorry, Wrong Number

No matter how advanced and/or complicated our communications technology becomes, we still have to untangle age-old mix-ups.


For instance, here’s a snippet from a very urgent Instant Message I received last night:

…I hate to bother you with this, but I need to pick up a box of crickets that came in (they are at the Post Office annex on Vernal Pike), and….

Over the next few moments, I contacted the IM sender and asked, basically, WTF? The communicator in Q. handled the query with poise and aplomb. I learned in our ensuing conversation that said IM-er regularly buys 1000-count boxes of crickets.

A certain pct. of Pencillistas will know who this person is immediately, based on that info alone. I told the person I couldn’t get the picture of a box of a thousand crickets sitting on a table at the PO out of my mind. You may sleep easy tonight; the crickets have been retrieved and are even now being prepared for dinner tonight.

You’re Free To Go; No, Really

Here’s another quick hit: a report on NPR this AM described Crimea as pretty much the Florida of the Black Sea region. Beautiful weather, lots of seafront luxury, tons of retirees. The whole thing made me think: how would we feel if one of our states elected to secede today?

Crimea River?

Say Florida wanted out of this holy land. Would we object enough to want to send the troops in? Would we care? Or would we be happy Sunshine Staters want to live out their inevitably shortened lives gleefully Standing their Ground against each other as a separate nation?

Terry's Texas Rangers

Civil War Combatants Terry’s Texas Rangers, Company C

And if not Florida, then who? My vote goes to Texas. If that holy land within this holy land wanted to secede, I doubt if a single soul outside America’s petro-oligarchy would raise a peep.

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