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▶︎ Any time a couple within a circle of friends suddenly and dramatically splits (usually because one or the other has been found enjoying refreshments elsewhere), the other couples in that circle reflexively heave a sigh of relief. The idea being: Boy, lucky it wasn’t us.

▶︎ Regarding god, there are two possibilities. One, there is no god. Two, there is a god but, boy, what a jerk. Evidence for possibility No. 1: Cosmology, particle physics, quantum electrodynamics, microbiology, patterns of biodiversity, natural selection, etc. Evidence for No. 2: Chiggers.

Jerky Boy?

Big Wheels

I don’t mind the new Bloomington city ordinance allowing bicyclists to use the sidewalks. The ord. passed 5-2 last night, with Sandberg, Volan, Piedmont-Smith, Chopra, and Roff voting aye and Rollo and Granger ixnaying.

I rode my bicycle both for daily transportation and professionally for more than a quarter century of my adult life. I’ve ridden on sidewalks a thousand times. I like to think I was considerate and sensitive to the fears of the old fogies whom I approached from behind.

Nevertheless, a big lug like me bearing down on an 82-y-o, even at a speed at which I could hardly keep my balance, might be a tad alarming. And I’m rapidly approaching an age and level of sprightliness wherein I’ll be the old goat who gets saucer-eyed when a biker approaches.

The new ordinance carries with it safeguards, the councilbeings swear. Bikers’ll have to give way to pedestrians and the onus to will always be on the pedaler should a smash-up occur. Still, I know young guys. I was one myself once. What they think is sober, prudent two-wheeling might appear to the rest of the inhabitants of this planet as Evel Knievel-like daredevilry.

Guaranteed, there will be collisions and countless startled coots. Council member Sandberg promises, “If it doesn’t (work), I’ll be making moves to add more restrictions for bicyclists or to consider it a failed experiment and reverse the course.”

I’ve been doored numerous times. One incident, on Clark St. in Rogers Park in my hometown, Chi. in September 1986, resulted in me being unable to walk for a couple of months until I underwent a lumbar laminectomy. After that, I often took to the sidewalks when that option seemed reasonable and the cops weren’t around.

Even Los Angeles Now Allows Sidewalk Riding

As Sandberg says, the processes of drafting the ordinance and deciding to vote yes were “complicated.” As I say, I’m for the vote. But, believe me, it’s going to get a lot more complicated once reports of the bang-ups and startlings start pouring in.

94 Percent

My guest on Big Talk this afternoon will be Indiana University’s Caty Pilochowski. She’s the Astronomy Dept.’s Daniel Kirkwood Chair and she’ll gab about the Great American Eclipse due to stun the bejesus out of us Monday, August 21st.

Caty, The Space Queen

Caty’s the queen of all science geeks and, as such, she’s one of my fave guests thus far in my radio interview series. She’ll hip us to the wonders and dangers of the moon eating the sun in a week and a half.

Tune in to WFHB, 91.3 for today’s Daily Local News at 5:00pm. And — natch — come here domani for links to the podcast.

Music Man

In the early and mid-Sixties, Glen Campbell was a session dude and, for a time, a member of the fabled Wrecking Crew. He played guitar on hundreds of singles, including these big hits:

  • Hello, Mary Lou Ricky Nelson
  • Surf City Jan & Dean
  • What’d I Say Elvis Presley
  • I Get Around The Beach Boys
  • You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling The Righteous Brothers
  • Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra
  • Mary, Mary The Monkees
  • Mama Tried Merle Haggard

BTW, he played bass and sang the falsetto parts as a member of the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson was busy having a nervous breakdown) during the band’s winter 1964-65 tour.

[h/t to Maxxwell Bodenheim]

It Won’t Be Long Now

The FBI raided the home of President Gag’s ex-consigliere Paul Manafort before dawn two weeks ago. The raid was announced yesterday. I know you’ve heard or read about this already but think about it carefully: The former campaign manager for Li’l Duce (while he was running for president and while several of the candidate’s blood soldiers were meeting with the Russkies for god knows what reason) had his home invaded and his records seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation before the sun came up. That’s when the cops or the feds usually break doors down for fear the raidee might flee or destroy evidence.

A few weeks back I put the over-under as to when P. Gag would resign at January 1st, 2018. I’m sticking with it.

And another thing: I’m just wondering if, when the busts come down, P. Gag and his soldiers’ll cover their faces with their fedoras the way mobsters used to when they were pinched.

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

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  1. Catryna J Loos says:

    The cyclists will obey the restrictions as well as they obey traffic laws .

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