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The old line goes: She’s the kind of person who, when you ask her what time it is, will tell you how to make a watch.

In other words, an interviewer’s dream.

That’s Sandy Keller, founder and exec. director of My Sister’s Closet. She’ll be on Big Talk with me this afternoon on WFHB‘s Daily Local News at 5:00pm.

Keller (L)

Perhaps the only human in Bloomington who can challenge her for loquacity is the legendary Spyridon Stratigos — Strats — who was on Big Talk with me in July. Now don’t get a big head, Strats — she’s the champ.

It takes a big talker to convince people to volunteer with and fund a start-up non-profit. My Sister’s Closet will be celebrating its 20th anniv. next year. MSC’s roll of clients is fast approaching 2000.

Tune in to 91.3FM or come back here tomorrow for podcast links.

Talk later.

Talking In Rhythm

With the Bloomington clime turning decidedly fall-like, it’s the right time to hunker down and hear some poetry. So, Monster House Press is throwing another of its storied house party/readings — only this time the bash will be at Hopscotch 2, 212 N. Madison St., right around the corner from the flagship Bloomingfoods store.

by SE Waters

Monster House’ll be celebrating the release of local poet SE Waters’ new chapbook, “They Offer a Name & Take it from You.” Joining SEW in oral metering will be Wendy Lee Spacek, Michelle Gottschlich, Hannah Hadley, Morgan Eldridge, and Kayte Young, with music by Glitter Brains.

Walking In Rhythm

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