Hot Air: Gimme A Break – No, Really!

My AM coffee pal Pat put it to me: Whadja think of Nancy Pelosi’s speech?

Pelosi Perorates.

My response: Duh. What?

Truth is, I’ve pretty much been avoiding the news — national, global, even local — for a week now. Actually, a couple of weeks.

There’s an atom of regret in there, that minuscule voice telling me I’m being irresponsible. By golly, the voice nags, what the hell kinda good citizen are you?

I don’t usually let that voice prattle on too long. I’m a fine citizen, I tell myself. Part of my fine citizenship is my need and practice, on occasion, to take a goddamned break now and then, now and then.

A good citizen is a sane citizen. And the constant barrage of President Gag flotsam and jetsam can drive even the most mentally balanced human being (a superlative level, in fact, that I’m not within a light year and a half of in any case) bonkers.

So, yeah, Nancy Pelosi gave a big old long speech on the floor of the US House yesterday. About DACA or ACA or something. That’s all I know about it now.

An even bigger truth: Everything’s carrying on apace — nationally, globally, even locally — w/o me.

I’ll stick my nose back into things political just as soon as I feel mentally and emotional capable again. Meanwhile, there’s a baseball season for me to get ready for — pitchers and catchers report to the 30 spring training sites Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Marilyn Monroe Accompanies Hank Majeski to the White Sox Camp in 1951.

To The Barricades!

It’s Big Talk Thursday. Bloomington’s political and civic doyenne Charlotte Zietlow joins me at 5:30pm to talk about the revolutionary 1971 local election here. Tune in to WFHB, 91.3 FM, or come on back here tomorrow for the podcast link.

Next Time, Try Infinitesimal

BTW: Isn’t there a word in your vocab. that you, w/o fail, misspell? I mean, every time you type it in, it comes out wrong, right? One of mine is the above-mentioned minuscule. Guaranteed, every time I clack it into a post, I plink an I rather than a U. Miniscule. And WordPress’s spellchecker always flags it. And, every single solitary time, I bark, No! It’s okay! Goddamned spellcheck! And then I have to look it up and, yep, spellcheck was right. Curses.

Trust me, minisc…, I mean, minuscule ain’t my only lexicographical bugbear.

Now That’s Minuscule!

One thought on “Hot Air: Gimme A Break – No, Really!

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    YES,the constant Trump stuff can get old,after a while,but your followers do enjoy your biting,anti-Gag wit! I put out a fair amount of it,myself,and it both brings chuckles to my friends,and allows a certain ‘resistive’,(if I can make up a word,here) ventilation. And now,I am waiting to see what Elon will do if there are any safety recalls on the Tesla. . . .

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