Hot Air: Big Job

Loyal Pencillista Yaël Ksander has been named the new communications director for the city of Bloomington.

Wow. She must be the most ambitious human being ever to cast a glance at this global communications colossus. Or perhaps the most masochistic. Say what you will about Mayor John Hamilton — and I have done just that since he took office on Jan.1, 2016 — there exists this inarguable truth about him: He doesn’t know how to communicate with the rabble.

Yaël Ksander

As I’ve stated herein previously, Hamilton is the city’s premier bomb-dropper. Seemingly every month he pops some new concussive shocker on the populace. Half to three-quarters of the time his own city council members don’t know what’s next.

Pencillista Yaël will have accomplished a monumental task if she can get Hizzoner to start preparing the citizenry in advance for the next of his explosive revelations.

Personal to YK: Get the mayor out ahead of his announcements. And if you have any sway with The Boss at all, whisper into his ear that every once in a while he might ask the people of this burgeoning megalopolis what they’re thinking, what they want, or even what they need. People, it is said, like to be asked about themselves.

And if there’s one thing they loathe, it’s being told, This is the way it’s gonna be, so stop bellyaching. Heck, this brand of Hamilton-itis is even spreading among some of the other city officials in these parts, despite their own off-the-record complaints about his mien.

I dig Yaël the most and I fear that after a year of running interference for the mayor, she’ll have taken on the look of a woman who’s just run a marathon on a 90-degree day.

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