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Several times in the last few days I’ve seen news reports referring to President Gag’s “big reveal” — that is, the announcement of his second US Supreme Court nomination.

The reports did indeed use that term “big reveal” or, simply, “reveal.”

The Supreme Court, one of the three so-called pillars of our our democracy, along with the Executive and the Legislative branches, is charged with keeping those two in check as well as interpreting our Constitution and setting moral and legal guidelines for our society. It was the Supreme Court, after all that outlawed separate but (in)equal, that declared abortion to be a private matter between a woman and her physician, that elevated corporations to the level of personhood, that banned state laws outlawing interracial and same-sex marriage, that threw the 2000 election to George W. Bush, and that ruled Dred Scott was not a United States citizen.

So, you see, the Court’s decisions can range from enlightened to tyrannical to boneheaded, depending on your POV. Whether you agree with the sitting members or not in any particular case, you must concede that the work of the Court is vital and definitive of us as a people.

It’s important, in other words. So important that it should be treated with utmost respect.

Employing reality TV show terminology to describe the announcement of a potential new member may be appropriate, considering we are now ruled by a reality TV show president, but it still sucks.

It strikes me as tasteless and ignorant.

Then again, so is the man doing the “revealing.”

Last Week; This Week

My guest on this past Thursday’s Big Talk was Paula Chambers, founder of the Hudsucker Posse and the big boss of FlowMotion Events.

Paula Chambers [Image: Aaron Lingenfelter]

My guest this coming Thursday will be Darran Mosley, described as “the hardest-working man in Bloomington,” a DJ and karaoke host as well as the founder of Misfit Toy Entertainment. The Limestone Post will be running a profile of him (by me) that day as well.

Darran Mosley

Go here for the link to the Chambers interview podcast. Stand by for links to the Mosley podcast and the magazine article until they become available Thursday.

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