Hot Air: The Joys Of Democracy

Is it my imagination? It seems there are more yard signs being displayed during this election season than I’ve ever seen before. I base this observation on my travels throughout southern Indiana.

Hell, I even caught sight of a Joe Donnelly sign on some rural homeowner’s lawn a few days ago.

Anyway, I just thought you should know there are some compellingly monikered candidates vying for office in these parts. I motored down to Salem yesterday to start writing a Limestone Post piece (due today, so what in the hell am I doing spending my precious time on this?). It was a glorious, deep-blue-sky fall day and perhaps I was feeling rather giddy but the yard signs for these pols tickled the hell out of me:

Butch Love Republican for Clark County Assessor

Brittney Ferree Republican for Clark County Council

Scott Groan for West Clark Community School Board

I’d almost be tempted to vote for a Republican for the first time in I don’t know how long just to say I was a Butch Love guy.

And let’s hope ol’ Butch is savvy enough to adopt this ditty as his official campaign song:

Cohousing Talk

It’s odd: Nobody seems to know about the cohousing community that’ll soon be going up on Bloomington’s south side. The 3.5-acre tract will feature several dozen smallish homes centered around a common green and a community house. Cohousing’s been a big deal in Scandinavia for more than fifty years and now is spreading throughout Europe, Canada, and this holy land.

The idea is neighbors will share a lot of amenities and responsibilities, engendering a heightened sense of community, something that, quite frankly, has been disappearing from our modern world for a few centuries now, thanks in large part to the Industrial Revolution and some other dehumanizing advances our bizarre species has made in that time.

The Bloomington development will be the first such cooperative community in Indiana. Cohousing’s more common on the coasts and in Colorado, especially in college towns and other progressive, crunchy locales.

So, if you want to bone up on cohousing click on over to the podcast of yesterday’s Big Talk featuring developer Loren Wood of Loren Wood Builders. It’s Part 1 of a two-part series on the nascent community. Part 2 will air next week, Thursday, October 25, on WFHB, 91.3 at 5:30pm. My guest for that show will be Marion Sinclair, co-founder of the Bloomington Cohousing Project.

That same day, click on over to the Limestone Post for my piece on Sinclair, Wood, and the project in this month’s edition of Big Mike’s B-town.

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