Hot Air: He Never Learns

Okay, whoever picked the under in yesterday’s post (I set the over/under for President Gag even mentioning the bomb plot against Dems/libs at Saturday) wins a lifetime subscription to this global communications colossus. He condemned, in general terms, any domestic terrorist acts on Wednesday.

Hey, give Li’l Duce credit: He’s learning on the job. Learning how to be something less than a complete and utter jerk.

Oh, wait, now comes news that The Leader of the Free World today has blamed the news media for creating the toxic environment that can push lunatics over the edge and do things like send bombs to a Democratic former president, a Democratic former vice president, the imagined villainous financier of the liberal plot to take over the world, the Democratic New York governor, the black woman Democratic member of the US House whom the Right has elevated to Satanic status, an outspoken liberal actor, and a perceived purveyor of liberal propaganda (as seen by the paranoiacs of the Far Right), among others. All objects of the President’s own delusional, aggrieved appeals to the worst possible nightmares of a notoriously incurious, uninformed, panic-driven electorate — you know, the one that put him in office with a minority of votes.

In other words, he’s (take your pick) gaslighting or blaming the victim.

That credit that I almost gave P. Gag three grafs up? I take it back. He remains a complete and utter jerk.

Online & On The Air

Big Mike’s B-town, my monthly column in Limestone Post (really, it’s every four weeks but, y’know…),  runs today in the online mag. It’s about the proposed cohousing development slated to to be built on the city’s south side, on South Maxwell Street, to be exact-ish.

BM’s B-town usually focuses on a single person but this time you get two for one: the person who co-founded the Bloomington Cohousing Project, Marion Sinclair, and the developer, Loren Wood, who’s making the project go.

When finished, the cohousing development will look something like this.

And, as always the column runs concurrently with the airing of the week’s Big Talk on WFHB, 91.3 FM. Since the column has two subjects, I spread the related Big Talk coverage over two weeks. Last week, we aired the Wood interview and this week, at 5:30pm today, we’ll play the Sinclair program.

You can get a sneak preview of my chat with Marion Sinclair by clicking on this podcast link. Otherwise, tune your radio to ‘FHB and listen immediately after today’s edition of the Daily Local News.

One thought on “Hot Air: He Never Learns

  1. David Paglis, Lake County Republican says:

    Colossus Commander: A view from amidships. There is no justification for sending pipe bombs or hurting people but the P. does have somewhat of a point. When one reads the tone of your post regarding P. Trump and considering it is largely mirrored by the major media, it is not unreasonable to think it would be enough to push some wingnut over the edge.

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