Hot Air: Bombs Away

Is it okay to joke about ethnic groups that are at the top stratum of our species’ pecking order? Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna swipe one such gag and replay right here on this Pearl Harbor Day.

I love the trendy restaurants constantly opening in New York. The latest one combines German food with Chinese. It tastes great, but a half hour after you eat, you’re hungry for power.

[Originally delivered by Dick Cavett and resurrected by comedian/singer Larry Rand.]

Dirty Water

Get giddy all you want about whatever big surprises the Mueller investigators may soon reveal — hell, I just read a hint that Mike Pence may be indicted, for chrissakes — but keep in mind the real damage has already been done.

For instance, President Gag is about to issue a directive that would curtail the EPA’s ability to regulate the chemical crap running off into much of the nation’s drinking water. This story hardly made a ripple in the news cycle yesterday because…, well, it’s so goddamned repetitive. Li’l Duce‘s been weakening our environmental protections obsessively — nay, pathologically — since he took office nearly two years ago.


[h/t to The Loved One.]

Tuning In

Here’s the podcast link for yesterday’s edition of Big Talk featuring director/choreographer George Pinney. His musical, “Tuning In,” runs through December 15th at the Bloomington Playwrights Project.


Sure, this dark season may depress the hell out of me but Bebel Gilberto‘s ode to it quickly pulls me out of my funk.

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