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Saturday, March 30th is going to be jammed packed w/ stuff to do.

There’ll be a meet & greet for all the city council candidates at the Upland Brewing Company from 3-5pm, sponsored by Democracy for Monroe County, Indivisible Bloomington & the 9th District, and The Indiana Latino 9th District Democratic Caucus.

Then, dash over to the I Fell Gallery for readings from the works of Indiana’s biggest-ever socialist and labor organizer, Eugene V. Debs The Debs thing runs from 5-7pm and is sponsored by the Writers Guild at Bloomington, the Burroughs Century, WFHB, and the Ryder Film Series.

I’ll be reading from Debs’ 1902 piece for the Chicago Socialist magazine entitled, “What’s the Matter with Chicago?” Debs spent years in prison for labor organizing and then for opposing US participation in the Great War. He even ran for president from his jail cell.

His family home still stands, surrounded by a parking lot, on the campus of Indiana State University in Terre Haute. The Loved One and I once spent a delightful, sunny fall Sunday afternoon sitting in its back yard, surrounded by plaques commemorating some of this holy land’s most famed labor agitators.


The Loved One seems to be losing here ardor for recycling these days. I hadn’t thought about it much but she’s been digging into some of the realities of the practice. We “progressives,” or what in the hell ever you want to call us, like to recycle because it makes us feel a touch better about a world that seems to be getting snowed under by single-use plastics, paperboard packaging, and heavy metal detritus.

It’s not that TLO doesn’t care about the shithouse we’re turning our planet into. It’s just that recycling of late has become as effective a habit as spitting in the wind.

New York Times business reporter Michael Corkey suggests recycling is a dying proposition these days due to any number of factors in a March 16th piece.

Me? I’d be happy if we went back to packaging consumer liquids in glass and then bringing the empties back to the store for pennies. The grocery stores, in my youth, were essentially recycling centers before anybody even knew what the word recycling meant.

Viagra Voters

Make no mistake at all: The swatch of ignorant old white men who largely comprise President Gag’s base really are itching for a civil war. They’re depressed about seeing their exalted place in this holy land’s hierarchy slipping away. They’re depressed because they’re getting older, crankier, achier, more hard of hearing, less able to get a boner, and all the rest of the maladies and misfortunes that beset aging males.

They’re pissed because younger guys are…, well, younger, less cranky, less achy, can hear perfectly, can sustain an erection for hours on end, and seemingly aren’t aging a second.

The old bastards feel they have nothing to lose. So what if the globe’s climate is going to hell? I ain’t gonna be around to see it! So what if the demographics of this nation are inexorably changing. I want to ensure a privileged place for my grandchildren, dammit! So, as long as the clock’s running out on them, why not foment a civil war? A good rain, as Travis Bickle so presciently observed, will clean up the streets good.

I’d stake the mortgage on both Li’l Duce and Iowa’s Steve King feeling that way. As long as it has to be done, they’re thinking, let’s do it! The president recently bragged about all the tough guys who support him and King of late has been posting new civil war memes on social media.

Plus, President Gag’s sociopathology coupled with his messianic delusions seem a perfect formula for him to foment a civil war here or a nuclear war elsewhere.

We’re in a race to see what happens first: the president leaves office or he sets off a series of events leading up to a traumatic comeuppance for America and the world.

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