Hot Air: Congressman In A Cheap Suit

Make no mistake, redux: The Devin Nunes lawsuit is simply the opening salvo in a concerted effort by the neo-fascist Right to bankrupt any and all dissenting, oppositional electronic media.

Sure, the sane among us say Nunes’ legal action against a couple of Twitter account holders, Twitter itself, and some political strategist wouldn’t even get to summary judgement. I mean, this is the textbook def. of a nuisance lawsuit. That’s not the point.

Even defendants in nuisance suits have to spend good, hard-earned dough on lawyers before the case is thrown out. That’s the point. As Nunes himself has said, this particular instance of legal harassing is simply “the first of many.”

In other words, nuisance suits will be a planned strategy whose only possible goal is to bankrupt speakers and the media that carry them.

See, here’s the diff. between the Terrified Right and the rest of us: They see foreigners and outsiders and brown-skinned aliens as the danger. Uh-uh. The fabric of our democracy or republic or however in the hell you want to describe this holy land will be unraveled by our own fellow citizens. The truth is, as cartoonist Walt Kelly’s creation “Pogo” famously observed, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Losing Touch

BTW: If you’re thinking the dismantlement of the news media and the death knell of investigative journalism are theoretical horrors of the future, disabuse yourself. To wit: Thousands of jobs in newspapers and other news disseminating operations have been lost already this year. Observers are saying this is the biggest mass layoff in the biz since the Great Recession.

One result: Most of us will be getting our news from knuckleheads who post memes on social media.

My journalistic idols, Mike Royko, Studs Terkel, and Molly Ivins are spinning like driveshafts in their graves.

Seat Seekers

Here’s the podcast link for yesterday’s Big Talk featuring Ron Smith, candidate in this year’s Democratic primary for outgoing Bloomington city council member Allison Chopra’s District 3 seat. Smith’s going toe-to-toe with Jim Blickensdorf, owner of Grazie Italiano restaurant on the square. No Republican has filed in that party’s primary for the seat so the winner between Smith and Blickensdorf will be the de facto general election victor.

Next week’s guest will be Indiana University fundraiser Sue Sgambelluri. She’s facing off against Daniel Bingham and incumbent Dorothy Granger in the Dem primary for the District 2 seat. Andrew Guenther is running unopposed in the Republican primary.

Tune in every Thursday at 5:30pm, immediately following the Daily Local News on WFHB, 91.3 FM, for Big Talk. All Big Talks are archived here.

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