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Get Out Of Jail Free

I’ll do here what I did on social media yesterday (posts quoted in chronological order):

  1. Hoo boy. Now do we get to stop seeing memes about Mueller being a superhero who’ll save us from the evil archvillain?
  2. In other words, nobody’s gonna save us from ourselves but ourselves.
  3. And another thing: I never bought into the fantasy that Trump’s campaign conspired with the Russkies to swipe the election. His business is largely financed by Russians, sure. But he never intended his run for the presidency to be anything more than a brand-building exercise, so why would he collude to win? For their part, the Russians pushed his campaign via bots, hackers, and trolls because they wanted to fuck with our electoral system — and consequently the very fabric of our society — in the worst possible way. They got precisely what they wanted.

And I’ll add this new observation: I notice a lot of posters saying something on the order of Now we have to look forward to the criminal investigations in New York and Washington DC and hope they’ll get us an impeachment or indictment of Trump.

See? People are still looking for that White Knight, that quasi-messianic figure in the cloak of a righteous prosecutor who’ll deliver us from evil, amen. Isn’t that what got us into this damned mess in the first place? People looking for a solitary man to save us?

We’re the nation of Shane. And shame.

Trivia Time

You’d think Easter would have been yesterday, at least acc’d’g to the Roman Catholic Church’s formula for determining the date each year of its primary holiday

Common knowledge has it that the Church determines Easter using the following formula:

  1. The first Sunday after…
  2. … the first full moon…
  3. …after the vernal equinox.

So, the vernal equinox this year occurred a couple of minutes before 9:00pm (Coordinated Universal Time; the modern-day replacement for what we used to call Greenwich Mean Time) Wednesday, March 20th. The moon turned full at about a quarter to two the next morning, Thursday, March 21st. Ergo, Easter should be yesterday, n’est-ce pas?

Non. The Church way back in the year 325 CE determined the vernal equinox to forever be April 21st, despite what the most advanced astronomers of the day (primarily Arabs and Chinese) already knew to be the real nature of the phenomenon.

So, the Catholics and other Western Christrians among us’ll have to wait four weeks for the moon to make its pokey way around its orbit before they can start digging into their dyed eggs and ham.

Thesaurus: Tired, Old, Fussy, Cranky, Stubborn….


So, what is the DCCC?

It’s the Party’s strategic and fundraising arm devoted to getting more and more Democrats elected to Congress. It was started in 1866.

Like many things that are more than 150 years old, it long ago started to stink.


A more up-to-date def. should read:

It’s the Democrats’ mirror image of the old white men of the Republican Party who are scared to death they’re losing their exalted position of privilege and are willing to fuck up everything in the slim hope they may keep their throne.

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