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Hot Gender Air

Potty Training

Schools in Los Angeles soon will allow transgender kids to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with. Sounds good to this bleeding heart.

Kids who ID as girls won’t be getting the crap kicked out of them in boys’ bathrooms anymore. Great.

If you agree with the above conclusion, step back and remember what holy land you live in.

Bathroom Question

I heard about the Los Angeles Unified School District‘s new rule, set to go into effect next year, this morning on NPR. Cool, I thought. Then it occurred to me: Guaranteed, some some of a bitch is going to fight against it because next thing you know, all the boys in LA schools are going to claim they’re really girls just so they can get into the the female loo and goggle at panties.

And people wonder why our holy land is so sexually eff-u’d.

An NPR reporter interviewed a student at Azuza High School. “She’s student body president, a varsity cheerleader, homecoming princess, and a straight-A senior,” the reporter said. The student is also a transgendered girl. She says her school day is so busy she’s often on campus 12 hours a day. Despite that, she says, she rarely goes to the bathroom. If she goes to the boys’ bathroom, she might get pushed around. If she goes to the girls’, she’ll be breaking the rules. So, she holds it.


The new rule seems tailor-made for her.

Ah, but what about all those boys who want to peek under bathroom stall doors?

One woman went door-to-door to get people to sign a petition to overturn the rule. She says it “opens the door for predators.” She and her like-minded brethren throughout California have gathered some 600,000 signatures. The pastor of her church told the reporter his duty is to shield children from discomfort and danger. “I have to protect those that would be offended by this,” he said.

The pastor added that any given schoolboy — being a schoolboy, natch — would use the new rule to further his nefarious ends. “Maybe a couple of guys bet him, ‘Hey, pretend you’re a girl today. Go on in there, take a peek,’ ” the pastor said.


Saving The Nation’s Youth From Discomfort

So, once again in this great nation’s limitless wisdom, hundreds of thousands of us prefer to cater to the adolescent whims of giggly schoolboys than to protect people who face real dangers. Rather than clamp down on voyeurs and bullies, they’d have kids like that Azuza High School student refrain from micturating all day long.

Surprised? Silly.

You got raped? You shouldn’t ever have had sex before it happened.

You got your jaw broken? You shouldn’t have walked around like a mincing fairy.

You didn’t get that promotion? You shouldn’t have been born with a vagina.

It’s no wonder at all why we’re so sexually eff-u’d.

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