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God’s Lobbyists

The Indiana Family Institute is headquartered, appropriately enough, in Zionsville.

Makes sense, considering the outfit is awfully Jesus-y.

The IFI calls itself a “non-partisan public education and research organization.” Which, right off the bat, is a lie. Its charter, focus, blogs, and and other efforts are directed almost exclusively toward leaning on congresscritters to vote along Jesus-y lines.

In 2013, we learned how scads of similar organizations, in order to avoid paying taxes, say they’re serving the public weal and don’t ever even think about trying to sway public opinion from the pulpit.

Case in point, this morning I read this blog headline on the IFI website splash page:

Screenshot from IFI website

Politics, baby, pure and simple.

Nothing would please me more at this moment than for the IRS to order outfits like the IFI to whip out their checkbooks and start scribbling.

The IFI, according to science and religion writer Clay Farris Naff in the Huffington Post, is one of the prime movers behind HJR-6, the pending Indiana statehouse resolution that would call for the flamboyantly straight majority in this great state to piss all over the idea of gay marriage.

Politics, pure and simple.

See, the resolution is the first official step in the process to add an amendment to the Indiana state constitution that Right Wingers, holy rollers, and closeted elected officials hope will quash the idea of officially recognized homosexual love once and for all. Because that, my friends, is the biggest threat to our liberty, our civilization, and our carefully crafted collective hetero facade.

It’s voting, dig? First the statehouse votes to put the proposed amendment before the people. Then the people vote, up or down, on the amendment.

Voting. Politics. Any questions?

The IFI focuses on three main issues:

Or, to put it all in more straightforward language, making sure religions can discriminate against anyone they desire, making sure gays don’t infect the rest of us, and stopping sluts from getting preggers.

“The IFI Network,” its website crows, “is making the difference in Indiana, and you can be part of this important work.”

Screenshot from IFI website

Politics In The IFI Blog

Clearly, one of the most effective ways of “making a difference” is pressuring legislators to push forward on anti-gay action.


The single initiative the IFI trumpets is its Hoosier Congressional Policy Leadership Series. It’s a monthly class for ‘interested professionals” looking to learn how to play footsie with “top policy leaders.”

In other words, how to be a lobbyist.


“The program’s mission is to advance conservative policy and faith-based servant leadership principles with community leaders…,” the website reveals.

It’s bad enough I have to share air I breathe with people who are convinced the mythical creator of the Universe has been whispering in their ears, but making me foot a sliver of their bill for foisting their cocksure morality and biblically-rationalized hatreds and fears on the rest of us is too much.

Folks, we have to make these plaster saints pay their own freight. Make them pay taxes.

Then I’ll ask them to keep their fever dreams and religious hallucinations to themselves. I don’t ask them to believe in my crazy fantasies, do I? When’s the last time you heard me calling for the general populace to revere the word of my lord and savior, Theo Epstein?


Our Father, Who Art In The Front Office….